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Back Lever Tutorial Lesson 4

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In this fourth and final lesson about the backlever I will explain the last two steps you can use during your training.

1. Single leg back lever

If you can get into the horizontal position holding your legs tucked, then step it up by tucking less. A great way to transit from “still tucked” to fully extended back lever is extending one leg while keeping the other one tucked in. Get into a high angle back lever position, tuck one leg in and lower down slowly! Alternate legs every round. Don’t try to go horizontal immediately, rather move only as far as you can fully control the position, hold and squeeze!

2. Straddle back lever

At this point it’s basically just altering leverage a little, practicing and staying consistent to build strength. If you can hold the one leg back lever for at least 10 sec with a straight body, try straddle and once you nailed the straddle it’s time to go fully extended. At this point you will be strong enough to at least lower down into a backlever, but still work on angled levels, keeling the angle as high as necessary to keep the position. Hold that position and try to go lower next time. This won’t come overnight, so stay consistent and go hard!

Back Lever Tutorial Lesson 3

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When training calisthenics and moving your body weight through space you can’t just “change” your body weight.

But what you can do to vary the level of difficulty is changing the leverage, in the case of the back lever by changing the leg position.

How to:

Get into a high incline backlever position and then tuck your legs in. The closer you tuck the legs to your chest, the easier it will be to perform the exercise. While keeping your core tight and contracting your upper body, slowly descend closer to a horizontal position. Don’t just fall down into it, move only as far as you can while controlling your body position. The goal is to eventually be in a fully extended back lever, so once you can hold the tuck backlever horizontally start gradually extend your legs at the next try!

If possible, ask a training partner to give you feedback about the the angle of your body, since judging whether you’re horizontal or not by yourself is very hard at first, you might feel like superman and think you’re fully horizontal, while you’re actually still at 45 degrees!

Remember two things:

1. The more you tuck you’re legs, the easier it is

2. Always keep your core and upper body tight, controlling the descent into the horizontal position!!

Back Lever Lesson 2

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Once you know how to “Skin the Cat” as learned in lesson 1, it’s time to move to the High Angle back lever! Hang from the bar with a overhand grip and get into a inverted hang, just like when doing a skin the cat.

Once your legs passed the bar, straighten out your entire body so that you basically hang completely upside down.

Keep your abs thighs, engage your Lats, arms, chest! Try holding this position and you will already notice how all of your muscles have to work to keep your body stable! The goal is eventually to lower your body until your horizontal, but that’s easier said then done. There are quite some steps in between.

For now, just try to hold this high angle backlever for a couple seconds, then go back into the starting position and repeat! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hardcore Calisthenics Fitness with Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano

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Metroflex in Long Beach, California is probably the sickest training facility in the world! Real training! Nothing else!

I had the pleasure to train there with Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano, and obviously this HAD to be filmed and I uploaded the finished video to the Baristi-Workout Youtube Channel!

There is a Interview with Frank Medrano which will be released soon, so stay tuned.

Check them out on Instagram: @siren0616 and @frank_medrano! Also, make sure to visit Frank Medrano’s Youtube Channel, where you will find more of his amazing skills!

But before, enjoy our video “Hardcore Calisthenics Fitness

Back lever Tutorial Lesson 1!

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Since I’ve gotten so many questions about advanced calisthenics moves, especially the back lever, I created a tutorial to get you through all the steps to master this move. You can find it under the #leverfever hashtag on Instagram.

The back lever is performed by lowering from an inverted hang until your body is parallel to the ground! It builds total body strength, plus it just looks cool ;)!

If you see this move the first time, it might seem quite impossible to ever be able to do this, but there are simple steps to build up the necessary strength, and I’ll show you every step!

Lesson 1: Skinning the cat!

The first step to learning the back lever is “Skinning the cat” aka German Hang! Some pretty weird names for a simple trick pretty much every kid does when playing on the monkey bars.

How to do it: Hang from the bar and raise your legs with the knees bent. Try to rotate your body completely keeping your knees to your chest so that your feet don’t hit the bar.

Once you rotated try to extend your body almost trying to reach the floor with your feet. Don’t overstretch at the first attempts, slowly work your way into this position. In the picture I’m not fully extended, as this is a position easily attainable after a few tries.

If you feel comfortable, try to extend further. The deeper you go the more you will stretch your shoulders.

When you got the grasp of this move, just hanging there will provide a great stretch in your upper body! Hold the position briefly, then reverse the movement until you’re back in the starting position.

Even though this really is a kids move, many people fail at the first attempts because growing up they stopped playing and now lack the proper core strength relative to their body weight.

If you can easily get in and out of this position in a controlled way for at least 3 times you’re ready for lesson 2!

Dip Ladder Routine

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Hey everyone!

This is a great dip ladder routine that you can try during your next workout! You will train all of your pushing muscles, mainly chest, triceps, shoulders, and also exercise your core!

How to perform the dip ladder routine:

  • 5 seconds hold in the top position
  • 5 seconds hold in the bottom position
  • 2 dips
  • repeat the 5 second holds, then 4 dips
  • repeat the same pattern increasing by 2 reps every round, going up to 10 and then back down to 2. The goal is to finish the whole ladder without break-ups. If you have to take a break, don’t worry, try to go longer when you try again!


For beginners: you can perform the same routine with bench dips instead of parallel bar dips.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Brooklyn Vintage Bag

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I was in desperate need for a bag and went into a thrift store in Brooklyn just 5 minutes before it closed, rushing through the racks when, while I was about to leave, I found this bag.
Can’t wait to be back in NYC and continue the hunt! Gotta love Brooklyn for it’s fashion treasure coves!

d-stinto Instagram Photo Challenge!

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Here we go! For the month of August I will hold a photo challenge on Instagram! If you don’t follow me yet, I’m @d_stinto. This photo challenge tries to incorporate all the things the d-stinto concept stands for: Being different, distinct and standing out in different aspects of life such as appearance, culture, health, fitness and fashion!

Join the challenge by tagging your pictures with #dstinctsummer! Out of all the tagged pictures, five will be reposted at the end of the challenge, the one with the most likes within 24h will win a giveaway!


Stay d-stinto!

A walk in the park

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Just a little walk in the park at the Jardin de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg, France.

Ok, it wasn’t quite “just” a walk, I was actually going somewhere. But less people should worry about overdressing, and more about UNDERdressing. I don’t think there’s a reason to look less than your best, unless you’re going to a mud fight.

Outfit: Suit and shirt from Zara, pocketsquare form Zara too, bow tie I from a market, Calvin Klein belt!