Back Lever Lesson 2

Written by Dennis on . Posted in Fitness, Workouts

Once you know how to “Skin the Cat” as learned in lesson 1, it’s time to move to the High Angle back lever! Hang from the bar with a overhand grip and get into a inverted hang, just like when doing a skin the cat.

Once your legs passed the bar, straighten out your entire body so that you basically hang completely upside down.

Keep your abs thighs, engage your Lats, arms, chest! Try holding this position and you will already notice how all of your muscles have to work to keep your body stable! The goal is eventually to lower your body until your horizontal, but that’s easier said then done. There are quite some steps in between.

For now, just try to hold this high angle backlever for a couple seconds, then go back into the starting position and repeat! Let me know if you have any questions!

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