Back Lever Tutorial Lesson 4

Written by Dennis on . Posted in Fitness, Workouts

In this fourth and final lesson about the backlever I will explain the last two steps you can use during your training.

1. Single leg back lever

If you can get into the horizontal position holding your legs tucked, then step it up by tucking less. A great way to transit from “still tucked” to fully extended back lever is extending one leg while keeping the other one tucked in. Get into a high angle back lever position, tuck one leg in and lower down slowly! Alternate legs every round. Don’t try to go horizontal immediately, rather move only as far as you can fully control the position, hold and squeeze!

2. Straddle back lever

At this point it’s basically just altering leverage a little, practicing and staying consistent to build strength. If you can hold the one leg back lever for at least 10 sec with a straight body, try straddle and once you nailed the straddle it’s time to go fully extended. At this point you will be strong enough to at least lower down into a backlever, but still work on angled levels, keeling the angle as high as necessary to keep the position. Hold that position and try to go lower next time. This won’t come overnight, so stay consistent and go hard!

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