Forever Young

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Some items keep getting back in fashion, some items will always be, and some people just *make* items be in fashion.

German model Leonie Jung rocking her street style outfit with Jordans, Zara pants a tank top!

Check her out on IG: @leonieyoung



Soundless Harmony

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So this is what happened: I was walking down 23rd street in Manhattan on my way to shoot a fitness video, and as you can imagine I was not wearing the most fashionable outfit (Free Runs and sweat pants to be precise).

Suddenly I saw a pair of green pants passing through at a quite steady pace. By the time i got my camera out he was almost a block ahead of me. Did a quick sprint and reached him just in time to ask for a picture! Turns out that it happened to be recording artist Dante Blakeley who not only uses sounds, but also colors and pattern to create harmonies!




Not your everyday shoe!

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Interesting, how taste can be so different. I have a certain attraction to everything and everyone that is out of the norm. It just catches my attention, and not in a negative way. I came across this pair of shoes on Guerreisms and wanted to see people’s reaction on Instagram. Not surprisingly, nobody liked them. They either hated them or loved them! Most people will base their taste upon other people’s reaction to a certain choice. That’s why so few people think out of the box, or act that way. Most people stay in the comfort zone, regarding their fashion choices, their lifestyle, their decisions, because that’s what most people do, so there’s less danger to be looked down upon.

The question is: If you really liked these shoes but everyone of your friends said they look terrible, would you still like them as much? Or would there be a little doubt coming up, wondering if you *really* like them? This is really not about these shoes. I mean, I think their are absolutely rad! But that’s my opinion, and you’re free to have yours.

But if we all were a little more open minded, if you would’t have to fear other people’s insults….would you still wear what you wear right now, live how you live right now and act the way you act right now?

Brooklyn Vintage Bag

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I was in desperate need for a bag and went into a thrift store in Brooklyn just 5 minutes before it closed, rushing through the racks when, while I was about to leave, I found this bag.
Can’t wait to be back in NYC and continue the hunt! Gotta love Brooklyn for it’s fashion treasure coves!

d’istinto distinto

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I think developing the name for this brand was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Not hard like lifting 1000 lbs, but hard as in learning a perfect handstand. Once you got the balance it’s absolutely easy and you stand on your hands effortless, wondering why it took you so long. But until you get there you need patience, endurance and force of will. It’s a constant fail, a constant struggle. You know that SOMEHOW you can keep the balance on your hands but there is no way to understand how, until you’ve got it.

Looking back, thinking about the name, d-stinto…now it’s crystal clear. It conveys everything, it is specific, but includes everything important. It’s so easy. But it was so hard.

There was this feeling inside me, this urge that had to be expressed, but I just couldn’t find the right word, phrase, name that would do it justice.
I love fashion, to travel, to work out, music…I love life! I love work hard for the things I love and excel at them! And excelling at something, usually makes you different!
I never really decided that I wanted to be different, I just had this inner urge to not be part of the bland, generic grey something that everyone else was ok with to be in!

It seems that not everyone has the knowledge, the tools or the resources to express themselves the way they want, but I firmly believe that everyone has the inner urge. This inner urge to be different, unique, distinct. Some express it in the way they dress or groom themselves, some in their way of life, their lifestyle, some in the goals they pursue and others in their free time activities.

Even though I don’t like to brag and I don’t try to impress anyone with anything I do, I still always push myself to be distinct. Instinctively.


Distint. Out of instinct. Instinctively distinct. d’istinto distinto. d-stinto. d|stinto.