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Forever Young

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Some items keep getting back in fashion, some items will always be, and some people just *make* items be in fashion.

German model Leonie Jung rocking her street style outfit with Jordans, Zara pants a tank top!

Check her out on IG: @leonieyoung



Not your everyday shoe!

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Interesting, how taste can be so different. I have a certain attraction to everything and everyone that is out of the norm. It just catches my attention, and not in a negative way. I came across this pair of shoes on Guerreisms and wanted to see people’s reaction on Instagram. Not surprisingly, nobody liked them. They either hated them or loved them! Most people will base their taste upon other people’s reaction to a certain choice. That’s why so few people think out of the box, or act that way. Most people stay in the comfort zone, regarding their fashion choices, their lifestyle, their decisions, because that’s what most people do, so there’s less danger to be looked down upon.

The question is: If you really liked these shoes but everyone of your friends said they look terrible, would you still like them as much? Or would there be a little doubt coming up, wondering if you *really* like them? This is really not about these shoes. I mean, I think their are absolutely rad! But that’s my opinion, and you’re free to have yours.

But if we all were a little more open minded, if you would’t have to fear other people’s insults….would you still wear what you wear right now, live how you live right now and act the way you act right now?

Brooklyn Vintage Bag

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I was in desperate need for a bag and went into a thrift store in Brooklyn just 5 minutes before it closed, rushing through the racks when, while I was about to leave, I found this bag.
Can’t wait to be back in NYC and continue the hunt! Gotta love Brooklyn for it’s fashion treasure coves!

A walk in the park

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Just a little walk in the park at the Jardin de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg, France.

Ok, it wasn’t quite “just” a walk, I was actually going somewhere. But less people should worry about overdressing, and more about UNDERdressing. I don’t think there’s a reason to look less than your best, unless you’re going to a mud fight.

Outfit: Suit and shirt from Zara, pocketsquare form Zara too, bow tie I from a market, Calvin Klein belt!

Touch of Red

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Roaming through the streets of Lyon…I found this tux jacket in Ibiza the other month, but they the pants to it were sold out already, so I had to come up with something to mix it up with.
Zara tuxedo Jacket, plain white shirt, Hugo Boss tie, H&M Pants, Zara Loafers.