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Nutrition Basics: What are Macronutrients?

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While to many of you this night be obvious, to others this might still be something that causes confusion. You’ll hear a lot of things about macronutrient and “macros”, if you don’t know what’s meant this might be confusing! Macronutrients is a term to describe those three substances that the body depends on for energy, recovery and growth: protein, carbs and fat! “Macro” because the body needs these nutrients in large amounts, whereas only trace amounts of the “micro”nutrients are necessary. Protein and carbs have 4kcal per g and fat 9kcal per g. Each macronutrient is needed in different amounts to ensure optimal health and bodycomposition. How much of each you need in the optimal case depends on various individual factors such as age, height, gender, bodyfat, daily activities, goals etc. To make sure your diet fits your macronutrient need do some research and make a plan for yourself or hire a trainer to do that for you. Even though diet trends periodically try to blame one macronutrient for the obesity problems, all three are needed and have their place in a balanced diet! But most “regular” diets have too much one and too little of the other. Don’t let that be you. Know your macros, know your needs.

Hardcore Calisthenics Fitness with Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano

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Metroflex in Long Beach, California is probably the sickest training facility in the world! Real training! Nothing else!

I had the pleasure to train there with Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano, and obviously this HAD to be filmed and I uploaded the finished video to the Baristi-Workout Youtube Channel!

There is a Interview with Frank Medrano which will be released soon, so stay tuned.

Check them out on Instagram: @siren0616 and @frank_medrano! Also, make sure to visit Frank Medrano’s Youtube Channel, where you will find more of his amazing skills!

But before, enjoy our video “Hardcore Calisthenics Fitness

Dip Ladder Routine

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Hey everyone!

This is a great dip ladder routine that you can try during your next workout! You will train all of your pushing muscles, mainly chest, triceps, shoulders, and also exercise your core!

How to perform the dip ladder routine:

  • 5 seconds hold in the top position
  • 5 seconds hold in the bottom position
  • 2 dips
  • repeat the 5 second holds, then 4 dips
  • repeat the same pattern increasing by 2 reps every round, going up to 10 and then back down to 2. The goal is to finish the whole ladder without break-ups. If you have to take a break, don’t worry, try to go longer when you try again!


For beginners: you can perform the same routine with bench dips instead of parallel bar dips.

If you have any questions, please let me know!